Sisi Dalam InternetEdit

Internet Protokol :Edit

Aturan yang dipaakai dalam pengiriman pesan melalui internet

Alamat Internet :Edit

Nama dan tempat yang dituju dalam pengiriman pesan

Server InternetEdit

  • Email server
  • File Server
  • Application Server
  • Web Server

Sisi Dalam WebEdit

Protokol dan Publikasi Web

Dari Hypertext hingga Multimedia

Website Dinamis

Tools untuk Pemrograman Web Dinamis

Mesin Pencari


Push Technology dan RSS

Web 2.0

Isu - Isu InternetEdit

Kecanduan Internet

Penyalahgunaan Kebebasan


Pemisahan Digital

Netralitas Jaringan

Dari Cyberspace Hingga InfosphereEdit

Questions & AnswersEdit

No Question Answer
1 A ____________ is a software robot that explores the Web and retrieves information about pages and indexes the information in a database. spider
2 A(n) ____________ makes it possible to add or update text, images, or other Web site content without using HTML or a Web authoring program. content-management system (CMS)
3 Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, and Apple's iWeb are examples of ____________. Web authoring software
4 Which of the following is NOT an example of a Web portal? Froogle
5 Which protocol is used to upload and download files from file servers? FTP
6 ___________ files are sound files that begin to play before the file completely downloads. Streaming audio
7 Which of the following is NOT an Internet programming language? FTP
8 The ____________ is decentralized and is growing too fast to track. Internet
9 A ____________ is a small portion of an Internet message that has all the information routers need to transfer sections of information from network to network toward the destination. packet
10 ____________ is the language of the Internet, which allows cross-network communication between different types of computers and networks. TCP/IP
11 ____________ supports multicast, which solves the shortage-of-addresses problem for IP addresses. IPv6
12 Numerical IP addresses are mapped to domain names by the Internet's ____________. domain name system (DNS)
13 A(n) ____________ stores applications and provides them to client programs that request them. application server
14 The ____________ describes the separation of people who have easy access to computers and the Internet from those who do not have access. digital divide
15 A uniform resource locator (URL) is made of a protocol, the address of the host that contains the resource, and the path to the specific resource on the host. true
16 The World Wide Web is a distributed browsing and searching system developed at MIT by Tim Berners-Lee. false
17 Facebook and Twitter are build-it-yourself Web 2.0 social networking communities. true
18 Filtering software keeps malware from invading your computer. false
19 The Internet is controlled by a joint commission from the United States and China. false
20 Cyberspace describes a shared virtual reality, complete with sensations such as sight and sound. true
21 Applet tiny application built using Java.
Silverlight  popular client-side tool used to create interactive media-rich Web components.
XML XML is a markup language that represents the contextual meaning of data.
XHTML markup language that combines features of HTML and XML 
Cookies small files deposited on a visitor's hard drive that track visits, activities, and preferences.
Static Web site A site with content that seldom changes