Kejahatan OnlineEdit

BAP DigitalEdit

Pencurian dengan KomputerEdit

Sabotase SoftwareEdit

  • Virus
  • Worm
  • Trojan Horses
  • Spyware
  • Malware Wars

Hacking dan Pelanggaran Batas ElektronikEdit

Keamanan KomputerEdit

Pembatasan Akses FisikEdit


Firewalls, Encryption dan AuditEdit


Kontrol Keamanan ManualEdit

Keamanan, Privasi, Kebebasan, dan EtikaEdit

Keamanan VS Privasi

Keadilan Pada Perbatasan Elektronik

Keamanan dan ReabilitasEdit

Bugs dan Breakdowns

Komputer untuk Peperangan

  • Smart Weapon
  • Sistem Otomatis
  • Cyberwarfare dan Cyberterrorism

Questions & AnswersEdit

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1 Which of the following is NOT a purpose of antivirus software? Copy the name of the virus and send it to Microsoft for inspection
2 A type of program that gathers user information and sends it to an outside source through the Internet is called ___________. spyware
3 Which type of software plugs potential security breaches in the operating system or applications? security patches
4 ____________ technology allows multiple hard disks to operate as a single unit, providing the ability to keep copies of important data in several locations. RAID
5 An ID card with a photo that contains digitally encoded identification in a built-in memory chip is called a(n) ____________. RAID
6 A complex system that assumes almost full responsibility for a task without human input, verification, or decision making is called a(n) ____________. autonomous system
7 A(n) ____________ is a secret numerical code that allows a message to be transmitted or stored as an indecipherable garble of characters. encryption key
8 ____________ perform illegal hacks for political reasons, which they consider to be for the greater public good. Hactivists
9 A ____________ is a virus that attaches itself to documents with embedded programs that automate tasks. macro virus
10 A technology that collects information from computer users without their knowledge or consent is called ____________. spyware
11 A logic bomb is a type of ____________. Trojan horse
12 ___________ are Internet-connected computers that have been hijacked using viruses to perform malicious acts without the knowledge of their users and owners. Zombie computers
13 A(n) __________ that is traditionally used on computer networks is called a symmetric secret key system. cryptosystem
14 ____________ cause more damage to computers, networks, and programs than all the viruses put together. Bugs
15 All corporations in the U.S. work together with the U.S. government to protect networks. False
16 While risks involved in computer use can be reduced, they cannot be eliminated. True
17 When someone uses a disc, flash drive, or a computer network with an infected machine, a virus can jump from one computer to another. True
18 Most computer viruses are NOT operating-system specific. False
19 Since synthetic DNA is possible, the efforts of biohackers to create and modify organisms in home laboratories have succeeded. False
20 Today's typical computer contains components from dozens of countries. True
21 Phishing requesting passwords and other sensitive data under false pretenses.
Malware malicious software.
Spoofing masquerading as somebody else in order to trick the target into doing something they might not otherwise do.
Cyberstalking form of harassment that takes place on the Internet.
Cybercrime any crime committed through use of computer or network technology.
Denial-of-service attacks bombard servers and Web sites with bogus traffic until they are shut down.